About Us

Beyond the boundaries of taste.

Who we are


We are cooking lovers from Bali, Indonesia. We come from various international cuisines ranging from American, Asian and European cuisine. Not only that, we also provide various recipes based on carbohydrates, protein and others. Our main mission is to make the easiest and simplest dishes, so that they can be tried by various groups, especially young people who want to learn.

Enhancing the art of cooking


Our mission is to bring the joy of cooking into every home with a focus on simplicity and accessibility. We believe that great taste doesn't have to be complicated. Our blog serves as a culinary bridge, connecting our readers to diverse recipes from across the globe, with a special emphasis on the rich and flavorful dishes of America, Europe, and Asia. We are dedicated to demystifying the art of cooking, making it easy and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their experience in the kitchen.


Our vision is to become a go-to destination for food enthusiasts and home cooks who seek to explore and celebrate global cuisines, with a special spotlight on Indonesian culinary treasures. We aspire to foster a global community of food lovers who appreciate various cuisines' simplicity, diversity, and cultural significance. Our blog aims to inspire our readers to expand their culinary horizons, explore new flavors, and embrace the simplicity and joy of cooking, bringing the world's tastes into their kitchens.